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Be Aware of Ongoing Scams 

Experts agree financial scams are on the rise with would-be thieves getting smarter and sneakier. At Walpole Co-operative Bank, we strive to ensure our customers are kept up-to-date on emerging threats. And we are here to help! If you receive something suspicious – email, phone call, text message, direct mail – don’t hesitate to contact us directly during regular business hours.

If you believe you have been involved in a scam, or have fallen victim, you can report it to the Federal Trade Commission by visiting

Bank Impersonation Scams

Customers and neighbors have reported receiving phone calls which appear to come from Walpole Co-operative Bank (as well as other local and national financial institutions). During these calls fraudsters pretending to be from the bank bank, will request personal and financial information such as online banking credentials and passwords.

It’s important to remember that legitimate financial institutions will NEVER request personal or financial information over the phone, text, or email. If you find yourself answering or receiving a potential spam call, here are some tips you can follow to protect yourself:

  • Hang up your phone and call the financial institution using the main number found on their website.
  • Don’t go off of caller ID, as scammers can spoof it to look like your bank.
  • Consider registering your number on the National Do Not Call Registry.

If you received a call from Walpole Co-operative Bank and are unsure if the call is legitimate, please hang up and call us at 508-668-1080.

Visit the Federal Trade Commission website to learn more about the different types of phone scams and how to recognize them.

Look Out For Zelle® Fraud

There is no question services like Zelle are convenient. But scams related to “peer-to-peer” services like Zelle are increasing, so it's important to be on alert and know what to look for before sending money.

  • Refunds are not issued through Zelle. If you receive a phone call offering a refund via Zelle, you should hang up.
  • Your bank will never call and request information over text. If you receive a call or text requesting information, hang up, or block the number.
  • Confirm before responding. If you do receive a request, and you are unable to distinguish if it is legitimate, reach out to your financial institution to confirm that the message/request is authentic.
  • Don’t click on unsolicited emails or texts. Neither Zelle nor your bank will EVER send you emails or texts asking for your personal information or login credentials.

Before you send money ask yourself:

  • Do you know the recipient, and have you sent money to or received money from them in the past?
  • If this is the first time you have a transaction together– How did you know the recipient?
  • Have you verified the recipient's information?

Click for information about how to send money safely with Zelle.

Ukraine Relief Scams

When you decide to support a cause that you care about, you want to ensure that your donation counts. But before you make your donation, it’s necessary to do some research. By planning, you can help yourself avoid charity scams.

In light of current events, would-be thieves have been using the war between Ukraine and Russia as an opportunity to steal money. If you are planning on donating to help those impacted by the war or any other cause, here are a few steps you can take to avoid donating to a scam:

  • Use organizations such as CharityWatch and Candid to research charities.
  • If you are looking to donate to a specific charity, search its name plus “complaint,” “review,” “rating,” or “scam”.
  • Before clicking on a link to donate online, make sure you know who is receiving your donation.
  • Keep records of every donation.
  • Review your statements closely to make sure you were charged the agreed-upon amount.

Learn more about charity scams.

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