FAQs Popmoney®


How do I use the Popmoney service?

It’s easy! To use the Popmoney service, simply:

  1. Log in to Online or Mobile Banking and click the eBill Pay tab
  2. Choose Popmoney and select "Send Money” or "Request Money"
  3. Enter the name, email or mobile number, and the amount of your payment
  4. Create a greeting
  5. Choose how quickly you want to send the payment
  6. Click "Send Payment”
  7. Once accepted by the payee, money is typically available in about 3 business days

PopMoney Login

Log in to your online bank account.

PopMoney Input Information

Enter the amount, the recipient’s name and their mobile phone number OR email address, then add a personalized message.

PopMoney Send Money

 The recipient will receive a text notification or an email with a personalized message from you.

Some Popmoney service fees may apply.  

Review Our Personal Fee Schedule

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