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Commercial Services

Commercial Lending Services

No matter what your commercial financing need, our experts have the tools to help. 

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Term Loan

  • Short term and medium term loans can be used for business expansion
  • Structure the repayment schedule that matches your cash flow needs
  • Finance equipment and fixed assets
  • Choose from flexible, short and long term rates

Lines of Credit

  • Help support your working capital needs
  • Fund seasonal changes in inventory and receivables
  • Take advantage of vendor discounts
  • Enjoy the convenience of borrowing as you need it

Letters of Credit

  • Import / Export letters of credit to support ongoing trade relationships
  • “Stand by” letters of credit to support ongoing transactions

Commercial Real Estate

  • Purchase commercial property for your business
  • Purchase investment property for your business
  • SBA 504 Loans available

Small Business Administration Loans

  • 504 Loan – Long term loans for land, buildings and machinery with special interest rates
  • 7(A) loan and LOWDOC loans to support equipment, fixed assets and working capital needs for businesses

Construction Loans

  • Residential Subdivisions
  • Land acquisition and development loans
  • Construction loans for single family, cluster and condo developments

Multi-Family Housing

  • Land and Construction loans for multi-unit property
  • Interim financing for completed property
  • Financing for rehabilitation properties

Small Business Banking Partnership

  • Up to $10 million in state funds available to invest in local businesses
  • Designed to help grow small businesses
  • Term loans, equipment or real estate financing, commercial lines of credit

As required by the Small Business Banking Partnership program, loans will be granted in sums of no less than $10,000 and no greater than $1,000,000. Since sponsoring this initiative the Bank has generated $58,034,134.41 in loans to the Business Community. As of June 30, 2018, Walpole Co-operative Bank has a total of 164 Small Business Loans with a committed balance of $26,660,216.62.

This is your Bank!

For more information about our products or services, please use our information request form or give us a call at (508) 668-1080.