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We are proud to support Golden Opportunities for Independence (GOFI), a local organization that trains service dogs for members of our community. Their mission is to empower people with a disability to live a more fulfilling life with the love and assistance of a dog and a mentor.

For more information or to donate to GOFI:
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GOFI Receives $5,000 from the Massachusetts Bankers Association

The Massachusetts Bankers Association (MBA) announced that the MBA Charitable Foundation has set a new record in its annual year-end community grant season. The 45 grants in 2018 total $163,000, a record number of awards this year. The foundation, supported by the 150 member banks of the MBA throughout Massachusetts and New England, is distributing the grants over eight geographic regions in Massachusetts. Click here to find out more about all the 2018 recipients.

GOFI Donation Joe and Onna GOFI Donation Group

Meet the Dogs & Handlers

Stay tuned for upcoming dates as we regularly host meet and greets with the dogs at our office. In the meantime, we invite you to meet the service dogs and their handlers!


Fenway is in training for a young boy named Liam who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. When his training is done, Fenway will retrieve items that Liam has dropped, brace him and support him to keep him from falling, open and close doors for him and most of all provide Liam with the best friend he will ever have.

GOFI Liam and Fenway


Sugar is a Diabetic Alert Dog in Training. Her handler Michael, has Type I diabetes. Many times Michael’s family wakes up to him being unresponsive. We are training Sugar to detect when his blood glucose goes so low that he loses consciousness. Sugar will start her advanced training this summer.

GOFI Sugar


Rebel is an unconventional source of anxiety relief whose positive effects reach all Walpole students and the Walpole Community as a whole! Rebel quietly makes her presence known in a variety of situations. A student having a panic attack may just need Rebel to walk with them to class. Anger that could otherwise escalate to a fight can quickly be brought under control with Rebel’s calm demeanor.

GOFI Rebel

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